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N.1 - 2019

Chakavak Khajeh Amiri Khaledi

Projection of harvestable water from air humidity using artificial neural network (Case study: Chabahar Port)

Ibrahim Mohamed El-Metwally, Nadia Gad

Wheat productivity and water use efficiency responses to irrigation, cobalt and weed management

Camilla Chieco, Federica Rossi, Slaven Tadić

How can policy influence innovation: An exploration of climate-smart activities in Emilia-Romagna

Jorge Alvar-Beltra'n, Coulibaly Saturnin, Abdalla Dao, Anna Dalla Marta, Jacob Sanou, Simone Orlandini

Effect of drought and nitrogen fertilisation on quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) under field conditions in Burkina Faso



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