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XIX Conference AIAM 2016

"New adversities and new services for Agroecosystems"


Each year, the Italian Association of AgroMeteorology organizes a conference on current research topics and practical applications in the agro-meteorological field. Over the years it has become a highly partecipated meeting from the Italian agro-meteorological community.

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The nineteenth edition of the AIAM Conference will be held from the 14th to the 16th of June, 2016, in Bologna with the title: “New adversity and new services for Agroecosystems”. (link)

The congress will be divided into three distinct sections:

  • Agrometeorological support and new adversity
  • Mitigation and adaptation tools to the climate change


Anyone interested in attending the conference, please observe the following deadlines and complete the online form for submitting paper proposals.


By 29/03/2016Pre-registration; submission of the oral or poster papers' title and summary (10 lines in Italian or English), form online

By 22/04/2016: end of the sending period for extended abstracts (using the template provided by AIAM). These have to contain title, authors and their addresses, objectives and main results.

By 09/05/2016: sending of the final scientific program. Issuing the calls for the Best Master Thesis / PhD Thesis Award, Best Paper Award.

By 20/05/2016: final registration.


The extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and be distributed on USB device. The PDF will be published on the AIAM website.

Authors are also invited to submit an article or a technical paper to be published on the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology (IF 0.654), according to the rules and procedures defined by the AIAM website.



€ 160,00 registration to the AIAM Congress and AIAM Association for 2016, also including the Proceedings of the conference and the annual subscription to the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology.